Myriad Wellness is a leading supplier of high quality, full spectrum CBD products. We are based out of Bellingham, Washington, just north of Seattle.

Myriad Wellness was founded in 2018 with a focus on offering the highest quality CBD products available today. Our commitment to delivering incredible products at an unbeatable value extends to all dimensions of the business. From the smallest retail customer to the largest wholesale account, Myriad brings the same dedication to quality, value and service that sets us apart from the competition. Creating a synergistic relationship with every customer and partner, large and small, is a top priority for Myriad Wellness.

From day one, Myriad Wellness has had a big vision for the future: A world in which everyone can experience the beneficial effects of CBD. To work towards this vision, we strive to make CBD more affordable and accessible than ever before.

Whether you are an individual looking for CBD capsules, a retailer looking for CBD products for pets, or a wholesaler looking for industry-leading pricing on bulk orders, Myriad Wellness can help!

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