Julian Friedman lives in Bellingham, Washington and has been an entrepreneur for over a decade. His background in sales and marking as well as operations and management make Julian a wonderfull asset. In 2013 he founded Crystal Reef Aquatics as a small retail store. In 2015, they expanded to a large retail store and manufacturing aquariums and related products for the industry. In 2016, he opened Bellingham Pet Supply, a local pet boutique that is focused on proving the healthiest products available for our beloved pets.

BPS began carrying CBD products after Julian began administering CBD to his 80lb, 13 year old dog Raphael who was experiencing significant pain and mobility issues due to arthritis. After being able to eliminate virtually all prescribed pain medication, Julian decided to further investigate the prospect of starting a CBD company to help others that could benefit from CBD. After connecting with Chis McCoy and Tyler Hansen, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, Myriad Wellness was born.

Myriad Wellness was founded in 2018 with a focus on delivering the highest quality products to their customer. Their commitment to delivering incredible products at a unbeatable value, extends to all dimensions of their business. Creating a synergistic relationship with other CBD related businesses, is always a top priority!


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