Mint CBD Drops / 600MG (30ML)

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Our Mint drops are made using organically grown, Non-GMO hemp oil that is produced using solvent-free, CO2 extraction techniques. This results in a more refined oil and a higher concentration of CBD in the base extract. The extract is full-spectrum and delicious!

We use MCT from coconuts as a carrier oil. MCT is easier to metabolize and converts into energy faster than most other oils. Providing maximum absorption and lasting results, this Keto friendly solution ensures that you get the most out of our products. Formulated with organic peppermint for a refreshing taste and digestive comfort.

Take daily for best results.

Ingredients: *MCT oil, Full Spectrum Hemp oil, Organic Peppermint oil
*Contains Coconut



Full Spectrum Extraction

What is full spectrum extraction, and why is it important? In essence, full spectrum extraction technology ensures that extracted CBD oil contains the same compounds, cannabinoids and terpenes found in the raw hemp material. CBD is one of the most important cannabinoids in the industrial hemp plant – but it’s far from the only component of the plant that can be beneficial.

High-grade industrial hemp contains dozens of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBN, and many more. It also contains many terpenes and terpenoids, the volatile aromatic molecules that give hemp its unique smell. Lastly, industrial hemp is packed full of flavonoids (useful for countering inflammation), fatty acids, minerals and more.

All of these elements of the hemp plant can provide benefits to our health and wellbeing. Individually, the effects of each compound may be fairly minor. But together, various components found in the hemp plant are thought to interact with one another, magnifying the therapeutic benefits of each individual component. Some researchers call this phenomenon “the entourage effect”.

To sum up – full spectrum extraction ensures that many of the original components of the raw hemp plant are included in the finished extract. This keeps the natural balance between the various compounds intact, and allows for synergistic therapeutic effects.


Full Spectrum vs CBD Isolate

All our products are full spectrum CBD extracts. In contrast, many competitors offer “CBD isolate” extracts, which contain only CBD in its isolated form.

While CBD isolate may be beneficial in some circumstances, it does not offer the synergistic effects produced by the entourage effect. Studies have shown that full spectrum extracts can be more effective than isolated CBD.

At Myriad, we believe in following the lead of mother nature. By keeping our products as close to their natural state as possible, we offer a superior product and a better customer experience.


CO2 Extraction 

At Myriad Wellness, we utilize the power of solvent-free, CO2 extracted hemp oil, for our base.

This results in a more refined oil and a higher concentration of CBD in the base extract. The extract is full-spectrum and absolutely delicious!


Hemp Oil Extract vs CBD oil

Many CBD companies have chosen to simply label their product as hemp oil. Although this title is technically correct, it is vague and doesn’t clearly provide the actual CBD content in the product. A company that states that it has 1000mg of hemp oil extract, may in fact have less than 500mg of CBD. In our supplement facts, you can clearly see the ratio of hemp oil extract to CBD content and the total concentration of CBD is always listed clearly on the front of the label. This way, you know exactly how much CBD you are buying!


Our Promise

We promise to always provide the highest quality CBD products on the market. We promise to put our customers first, and to continue offering the best prices available. And should you not be satisfied with your order, we promise to make things right.

At Myriad Wellness, we want to be your first choice for CBD products. If there’s anything we can do to help, please get in touch today!

7 reviews for Mint CBD Drops / 600MG (30ML)

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  1. Bailey Martinet

    Bailey Martinet (verified owner)

    Going to make the perfect gift!

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  2. admin

    We are sorry to hear that. We have never received this feedback before, so there is a chance that your body may be reacting to the mint oil negatively. We would love you send you a new bottle of unflavored if you would be interested. Thank you for the feedback!

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  3. Andy H. (verified owner)

    Great service over the phone since the website is having issue taking orders. The shipping and delivery was quick as well.

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  4. Barbara Woitel

    Barbara Woitel (verified owner)

    Helps Rocky be mobile

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  5. Barbara Woitel

    Barbara Woitel (verified owner)

    Helps take the edge off on arthritic pain

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  6. Sylvia Barone

    I have decreased the dosage of my diabetic medications since I started taking this at bedtime. So I will stick with your product ..thanks.

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  7. Sylvia Barone

    Sylvia Barone (verified owner)

    It came in time. My knee does not bother me anymore.
    I cant explain it but my blood sugar is improved.

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